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Dennis email

Al, Dorothy, LaVerne and Russ' cruise to Hawaii.

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Media clip of Russ in the Surf.

Suters trip to Wyoming and Montana

Evie and Stu checked in!

More photos from Evie and Stu.

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LaVerne and Russ in the Ozarks

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Hello to Everyone!  I took this picture on my morning walk. Joe's been fishing with a
 friend several times  - he likes to catch them but doesn't eat them. So I am eating trout
twice a day! By the end of the summer I will probably be able to write a cook book just
for trout!

                                                                      Take care All, Linda

Jim and Louise in the COLD!

Allens trip to Washington - August 2009

Clip of Russ and LaVerne's Trip

Suters Travels to Northwest

Hi Dennis & Nancy, Thank you so much for the DG website! I enjoyed the pictures of Senior Olympics & the 4th of July - actually felt a little homesick! Joe & I had a good trip up here - although it was loooooong. The summer has been great - much warmer than last year (70-80's). I am attaching a picture of Mt Minto - taken on the road into Atlin and one that I took from our deck - of a float plane taking off on Atlin Lake.
Hello to Everyone! We are enjoying our summer, but also look forward to being home in September. That's a nice feeling.
Be well. Peace,
Linda Axford

From Nancy and Dennis Suter - August 15th
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From Laverne and Russ Goulart on July 26th

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From Chuck and Kaz Davis
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Kit & Rod Young in Alaska

Stu & Evie Egerton July 29th
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