Hi Dennis: I put a few pictures on power point slides. Hope they can be transferred to the DG web site.
 Good looking buddy of Walt's by the way!!

When we left here with our daughter we stopped in Branson and Granville, Ohio. In Granville we visited the Longenberger basket factory where Evie and Lori made flowers from some of the basket weaving material. We got to Maine for our grandson's high school graduation which we enjoyed very much. Fourth of July we went to Granville, MAssachusetts, home of the Noble & Cooley drum shop. Evie worked there when she was a teen ager and again when the kids were young. They've created a museum (click here) based on their history (making drums prior to the Civil War) and now they're making drums for professional musicians. Neat, considering it's the "old home town for Evie and me.

Got some more pictures on the cell phone we just got, but haven't figured out how to down-load to the
computer  Enjoying keeping up with Desert Greens on the web site' and looking forward to seeing
everyone soon.

                                                        Stu and Evie