The Suters took a little car ride to Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

Stopped In Elko, Nevada and had Basque food with Billy and Joanne Downs.

Union Station Museum at Ogden, Utah



Visited the Tripletts at their cabin on Pathfinder Reservoir, near Casper, Wyoming

We ate at this historical family restaurant on the route to the Morman Trail near Casper.


Fremont Canyon and Pathfiner Dam on the North Platt River.

Pathfinder Dam overflowing. Click blue dot for video of water over flowing.
We missed the spectacular by about two weeks as it hadn't happened in about 25 years


Independence Rock - where travelers on the Oregon Trail left messages.

Thermopolis,Wyoming.  Worlds largest mineral hot springs.

Old Prison Museum at Deer Lodge, Montana




Yellowstone National Park



Grand Teton National Park

Happy Trails to you!