Stu and Evie Egerton - July 29th

Hi Dennis:

We've been keeping up with Desert Green activities via the web. We think you're doing a great job!! Thanks a lot.

Anyway, we are in Alstead, New Hampshire now. After our Mt Rushmore tour, we did our own tour around Custer State Park. Saw a very large herd of buffalo that kind of took over the road way. They are impressive beasts. Our granddaughter thought Mall of America was the greatest, which is what you'd expect from a 13 year old. On the way there we stopped at Wall Drug.

Swung through Traverse City, Michigan and tramped the sand dunes. Got to Massachusetts a couple of days early because our traveler was getting a little homesick. Took in a "Vintage Base Ball" game in Westfield, Massachusetts. Game is played according the rules in effect in the 1880's.

Anyway, the first picture is of a portion of the buffalo herd in Custer State Park. The next two are at Sleeping Bear Dunes near Traverse City. There's a picture of Evie and granddaughter (Taryn) on the shores of Lake Michigan. I finished with a couple of pictures of the vintage base ball game.

The two teams are brought onto the field on a horse-drawn wagon. Since it was the custom back then to determine "home team" by a coin toss, I've included a picture of that. The participants are the team captains, the arbiter (umpire) and the league commissioner,who just happens to be Jim Bouton, the former major league pitcher.

They also had a troupe of actors dressed in period costums and we got involved for a short time with the sufferage movement. The "Irish bobby" also got involved by chasing a drunk off the field.

Having a great time. Will pick up our grandson from baseball camp on Cape Cod this weekend and deliver him to his home in Maine. That will probably be our only opportunity to visit with him this year.

We're also planning a 90th birthday party for Stu's Mom with his brothers. Staying busy. Looking forward to seeing everyone back at in Pahrump by late September. Love to all.

Stu & Evie




Hi Folks:Sending a few shots from our trip back east. First one is Evie with our son Tim and granddaughter Taryn at the Grand Canyon. We put our son on the plane in Albuquerque and continued east with our granddaughter. Second shot is Taryn and Evie in Old Town Albuquerque looking over a selection of dried peppers. Third shot is Mount Rushmore. We did a bus tour that day that encompassed quite a bit of Custer State Park, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial and points in between. Evie would only authorize a few pictures, so the last two are from a spot on our tour looking at a site known as Cathederal Spires (I think). Anyway, the first one is of the three of us (Evie, Stu and Taryn) with the rocks in the background and the last picture is a more "artsy" one through the trees, kind of framing the site. Looking forward to catching up on Desert Greens activity. Miss everyone there. Looking forward to seeing everyone when we get back. Stu and Evie July 5th